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8:09pm June 17, 2014
Anonymous asked: Fiyah and Bluhd. I just wanted to say that I am so happy that you are back! <3 I visited this website at least three times a week and I was hoping to see something new, but all I ever got was a series of 'nope'. Keep up the good work (and give us your thoughts on the few latest episodes!)


8:07pm June 17, 2014
Anonymous asked: Oh and in addition, this is probably right down your street! youtube.c om/watch?v=J6VTX3EAvtA /Miinda
7:56pm June 17, 2014
7:50pm June 17, 2014

doreahology said: This would imply no one is ever allowed to express an opinion unless they are an accredited expert in that thing. Thus, this anon shouldn’t be expressing their opinion of your blog unless they are an expert of blogs. I AM an expert in idiotic anons.

7:36pm June 17, 2014



I have no words for how much this amuses me.

I never touched a woman until George RR Martin

7:21pm June 17, 2014
7:03pm June 17, 2014

Just finished watching the last episode of the season. I guess disappointing doesn’t begin to describe it, and wow they are burning pages really fast. Writing a point by point review, and will see when I can catch up with the other eps.